We conduct trainings for private and public organizations, both as part of professional development, and in the continuation of our consulting activities.

Our experts are the authors of courses on new regulatory practices, payment legislation, customer due diligence measures, FATF Recommendations and standards, distributed ledgers, agency banking, and many other topics.

In addition to private educational programs, we also give lectures for educational institutions - Saint Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg State University of Economics.

Trainings are conducted in Russian and English.

FINTECH and the trends in the industry

A series of lectures on industry trends focuses on issues that are at the forefront of technology and regulation. We talk about new challenges for the industry in the medium and long term. And about what is happening in the financial services market in general.


Payment regulation

Payments are becoming a public good, therefore approaches to regulating are changing dramatically. We talk about the latest innovations in Russia, such as payment aggregators and payment application providers. As well as about foreign initiatives - open banking and the trend towards regulatory standardization.


New regulatory practices

Regulators introduce as much innovation as the financial institutions they oversee. Drawing from our experience, we talk about regulatory sandboxes, the practice of no-objection letters, and attempts to implement financial marketplaces in the market.


AML/CFT, customer due diligence and FATF standards

The fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism is one of the most "expensive" regulatory requirements for the financial sector. In this series of lectures, we talk about the FATF Recommendations and key trends in relevant regulation - both in Russia and abroad: from identification to digital assets.


Distributed ledgers

Distributed ledgers is a popular topic today. However, it is surrounded by many myths and misconceptions. We talk about how distributed ledgers work, how they can and already are being used in the financial market: including for interbank settlements (for example, in the form of CBDC) or for ICO purposes.